Friday, October 29, 2010

A simple, quick card

Gone are the days when card making was 'just because'.. with work getting really hectic now my posts are all about cards that were made specially for an occasion that sprung up:-( So here is a card that I made for a loved one who has recently lost a family member..

I kept it clean and simple and used a lavender since it's a calming and soothing colour, I believe sympathy cards should fit that criteria:-) not that I am getting all scientific on you:-)

I stamped my Hydrangea off center and coloured with very copics..a light lavender and a soft grassy green..

Jazzed it up by tying some string for added interest:-) so thats my quick card for you, stay tuned for some quick and simple Halloween cards tomorrow.. I am rushing through some to send my friends before it's too late, will do a post soon:-)

Thank you for dropping by and
Happy Stamping to all of you! Hugs!


  1. LOVE the simplicity of this, I think it's very inspirational too.

  2. You are right, this card is so calming and beautiful!

  3. Hi, Michelle! Just saw the card at Frickr and dropped in.
    What a lovely card! Love the serene image and the simplicity! Please take care! :)

  4. Hi Michelle, beautiful card. I think you hit it right on the button for a sympathy card, difficult times, but this will be appreciated!

  5. This is beautiful! I'm sure they really appreciated your thoughtfulness. Hugs from Denmark!