Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hi again...

Hi everyone, I just wanted to make a post to let you know why I have been neglecting my blog lately..

Well, I am a designer.. to be more specific, fashion designer. And finally this year I am showcasing my collection at a private fashion show launching my own label.. I've been preparing for this for the last couple of months now, and this is the final two weeks.. So it's been a bit crazy around here as you may imagine! I have been fretting over the minutest of details aiming to make my show a success.. so I am only hoping it all goes wel:-)

I am so sorry that I might not have the time to comment on your blogs or make posts on mine:-( however, I have been keeping busy with a little bit of stamping which I will share with you tomorrow.. so bare with me till then:-)

Lots of Hugs!!!


  1. wishing you all the best and much success with your new fashion label, Michelle.
    blessings and hugs,

  2. A fashion designer! How wonderfully delightful! I wish the very best of luck this coming month!

  3. Michelle! I didn't know you were a fashion designer! Wow that is so exciting! Your own label and a private fashion show?! I'm so thrilled for you! Best of luck in the show! If your fashion designs are anything like your cards, you'll be a HUGE hit!

  4. wow! this is exciting, Michelle! i am so happy for you and Congratulations! I am sure your show and label will be a big success! is it possible to share the photos of your designs after the show? i am sooooo interested! =)

  5. Here's wishing you all the luck in the world..Congratulations on launching your own must be an exciting as well as nail biting time for you!! good luck girl!

  6. Congratulations on launching your own label. I wish you best of luck with your show.

  7. Oh wow! That is sooo awesome Michelle! Congratulations on launching your own line! Good luck with everything and enjoy it! :)

  8. Hi Michelle, would love to see what you design!
    On another note - your number 8 got chosen for the second prize which was one of my tags..
    If you would send me your address I will post it to you.
    Good luck with the fashion show!

  9. Girl, I know exactly what you mean about being too busy sometimes. I am definitely familiar with the feeling. But that is SO cool that you are a fashion designer. How fabulous! Congratulations on your own line. I wish you the best!
    You should post some of your pieces on your blog. I would love to see your fashion work! :)

    ~ Ayana