Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A yummy day!

Who says my blog is all about crafting? I am about to change that right this instant!
Thought I would share another passion, baking! I love it! This is what I have been wanting to do throughout Christmas, with no luck until now:-) Finally work's less hectic so I woke up early this morning to bake a fresh batch of cherry pies!

They are a special treat since cherries are never available in Sri Lanka except during Christmas.. So I did a bit of 'cherry picking' from the local store that stocks them. I just love how these babies turned out,... bubbling and dripping over my little ceramic cases! yum!
I took this particular pic for a special scrap book layout I had in mind, cant wait to get these developed and get cracking. (obviously I am not the best photographer in the world but this would do, just to record a happy memory:-) )
Bye for now, and have a great day!
Happy stamping:-)


  1. Oh, this is wonderful! So delicious, I'm drooling! Definitely would love to see more dessert goodness from you!

  2. Michelle, you have one talent after another! Boy do those cherry pies look delicious! Ya got my mouth watering! :)

  3. Oh. Sweet heaven! Those are the cutesy little pies!

  4. Happy New Year Michelle! WOW these look sooo yummy!! You are one very talented gal! :)