Sunday, June 6, 2010

Winner!! or shall I say winners..

I have been very busy preparing my husband a special birthday dinner, most of the evening was spent in the kitchen. So now's my time to blog and check out other blogs and Flickr.

I know you are all excited to see who won the loot:-)

As you know I promised to post a winner by Monday so I got busy cutting out the names and picked a winner from my lucky Barret!

The lucky winner is Isa!!!!

I think Isa is new to the blog, and its always nice to see new faces here in my little corner of the world:-) So Isa please mail me as soon as you see this message!!

I was having so much fun picking a winner, I thought I should pick another one for some other extra stuff I had in my craft room, its some flowers and some ribbon, I will also include a few other embellishments too:-)

so the other winner is, Dawn!!

Dawn visited my blog through Barbs blog:-) I think she is new too, as I said before, I love getting new visitors! So Dawn please mail me your details too:-)

And if the prizes are not claimed by Wednesday midnight, I will have to pick another winner for the goodies:-)

Happy Monday guys!!


  1. Hi Michelle! Did I win??? I can't believe it!! I had to check out if there was another Isa who left you a comment but it seems there isn't? This is the first time I join a blog giveaway!
    FYI I'm the little frog face in your followers registered under the username "Batraplume". I think I got mixed up a little bit while registering to your blog. I have a Flickr account and I'm a (inactive) member - though huge fan - of Hero Arts pool too. That's how I got to know your blog. I'm sending you an email right away. A big thank you!! :)

    PS: sorry, English is my second language!

  2. Congrats to the winners of you great loot, so happy for them.