Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hero Arts challenge entry

Don't you love challenges? I do! Was a bit chicken to enter this challenge 'cos, basically I don't have too many feminine motherly stamps and well you should see the competition!!

I finally decided to do it today after putting it off for weeks.. Used the one and only flower wood block stamp I had, which is the Dandelion stamp. I also used a single filler stamp other than that, which is from the SEI mimossa stamp set, which went very well with the dandelion.

The whole idea behind it was my infatuation with the dandelions frame stamp, I wanted it soo bad.. But when the need arises, you make do with what you have right?, and I must say I am more than happy with the result. Only thing was that it took soo long to stamp the little seeds one by one, it took ages! But it was worth it.

Here's a close up, but if you need to see it better just click on it...

I started with the pink ink first since it was my base colour, then the lilac which is used sparingly and a touch of plum.. This is such a fabulous stamp set! don't really need much work to get the card to look fabulous really, and they are very high quality too.
The sentiment is from Technique Tuesday Ali Edwards stamps, they are soo pretty! I got them 30% off from the Two peas stamp sale, hope you guys made full use of it too:-)
Anyways, hope you have a great day!


  1. this is really beautiful! i love all the stamping you did to make the gorgeous background! very pretty card!

  2. Gorgeous Baykground agree with Alice and this is so feminine card..good luck with the challenge on Hero Arts....hugs, Monika

  3. Lovely use of the danelion stamp, very creative indeed!